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Low Fodmap Singapore Laksa

One of my husbands and my MOST favourite Asian dishes is Laksa. We lived in Singapore for almost 7 years and since we moved back to Australia our cravings for Laksa have only been led to disappointment from the horrible westernised versions served even in Chinatown… (although I know there is a hidden find somewhere in Adelaide!). The other hurdle has been the onion or eschalots that is used in the paste, or some versions also have garlic. After a few bad experiences, sore tummies and our fussiness for a REAL Laksa I started to experiment at home making my own paste. The first version was ok, however when the 4 Blades magazine posted a recipe after their trip to Singapore, and put it to the Laksa experts taste test, well of course I was going to give it a go! Check out our version 🙂
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